Bit of Honesty…

I don’t know about you but ever since Thanksgiving came and went I’ve been in a dead run to get everything “done” for the Christmas season.  Parties to attend, events to plan, people to call, recitals to organize, shopping to accomplish, food to prepare, cards to address, gifts to wrap, the house to clean, decorations to hang ect… and then even more things to do.  You get my drift I’m sure- it’s been hectic around here!!!!  I’ve found myself praying on the run and missing the stillness of sitting with God!!  A friend asked me how I was via e-mail. My response: “I’m good but missing the joy of celebrating WITH Christ this season. I find myself partying ABOUT Him instead.”  I’m incredibly GRATEFUL that my heart recognizes this void….  I thought this video was an awesome reminder to love the things God loves throughout a season originated by Him and yet one He so easily is left out of.  My friend Meredith posted it on her blog almost a month ago.  I was so glad she shared: Read the rest of this entry »


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I made this yummy popcorn for Thanksgiving.  It keeps sooooooo well we’re still eating on it.  By all means it is gift worthy and taste much better than the canned stuff you get at Wal-mart. *note: just don’t let the oil “pop” you when popping your corn!

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Thanksgiving Highlight


My most treasured photograph from Thanksgiving week- our four generations pic!

Mamaw Hattie came to see the kidos at the Smithson Thanksgiving dinner- such a treat!

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A bit of Christmas-

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Found this….

We were making a rare attempt at getting our kids on video tonight– the results will be posted on here very soon.  However, while Steven was editing it we came across this:

Notice Eli is still in diapers~ and if I remember correctly Monica was “calm” by the time we started recording.  Eli totally had her captivated!

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Phone a Friend???

Phone-a-friend- that’s the bonus I took as a mom today….

It all started when I told one of my children it was nap time.  We got “Pony”, “Mr. Chubbs”, and blankie all snuggled up together with us.  I was going to lay down with them a moment when the demand came, “I want ‘Chicken’ and ‘Monkey'”. (Yes we do get very creative with our names around here!)  Well you must understand this child is not particular about “who” they sleep with. It changes daily.  Since “Chicken” and “Monkey” were not in sight I simply replied, “Not this time maybe tonight we’ll be able to find them.”

Well…… an escalating drama began!!! I did concede and give them “Chicken” and “Monkey” but then they didn’t want to lay down either….  a case of good old fashioned stubbornness was visiting!  During the 45 minute episode that ensued, I reached a point I had to call someone to help me hold on to the fight.  The conversation went something like this: Read the rest of this entry »

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Okay so this is FUN!

I was tagged by my friend Beth Ann to upload the 4th picture in my 4th folder on my computer.  Isn’t that a GREAT idea?!?!  Such a trip down memory lane….  Here’s what I got: Read the rest of this entry »

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