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So What’s Your Thing?

I broke a life long tradition this past week and put up our Christmas decorations early.  I totally freaked my mom out because I used to be the Christmas decoration nazi– NO decorations until the day after Thanksgiving!!!  It was so funny to hear her remarks of how now she is ‘free’ to put up hers since I’ve deemed it okay…..  Sorry Mom for what I put you through =)! Read the rest of this entry »


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Sooooooooooo I guess I’m just having a stupid streak this week–  I took Rosco to the Doctor twice yesterday!!  Yes twice.  Once to the Doctor’s office and once to the vets office right next door.  Yes that’s right I was talking on my cell phone when I pulled into the parking lot.  Both clinics have adjoining parking lots and are named after the street they are located on.  I got off the phone.  Unbuckled Monica, hooked Rosco to his leash, and we all three jumped out of the car– right on time I might add. Read the rest of this entry »

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I’ve come to Grips….

This story took me a few hours to admit once I realized what I had done.  I had to come to grips with myself first.  Before I tell you what I did let me introduce you to a not so amazing product…. at least not at our house. This is SWIFFER furniture polish:base_mediaOkay so here’s the catch.  It was with the floor cleaning supplies.  In Stephanie’s world Swiffer ALWAYS equals FLOOR cleaning supplies.  I was trying to find a better deal on floor cleaner than what the floor distributor sold to us with our new floors this past summer.  I read the back of the bottle. When listing the surfaces it was good on it says “wood laminate.”  Bingo!!  It’s half the price and even smells better. Read the rest of this entry »

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Good Sleep!

Oh what bliss– I got to sleep until 9:00 this morning!!!! I don’t remember the last time that happened. The extra sleep was definitely appreciated and needed. We’ve got a big week coming up. Steven leaves Monday morning and our renovations start then.

Thanks to my sister-n-law and friends the week has definitely taken shape and seems to be doable now. In a way my kids are going to camp too. We’re calling it “Camp Smithson.”  The kids will leave Sunday night and won’t return until late Wednesday afternoon do to all of the saws the construction workers will have laying around. The kids will spend one night across the river with family. Late the next afternoon I’ll venture back to pick them up and then we plan on spending the other two nights in our friends home (they are gone to youth camp with Steven). Tuesday they will be staying all day at another friends house. I’ve got a a list to accomplish while the kids are away and another list of fun things to do while we are together in the evenings. I cannot imagine what life is like for those without family and friends that come to their aid in time of need. Steven and I are truly blessed. With all sincerity let me say… God is Good!!!

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what’s really up with us…

When I started blogging I purposed in my heart to be as honest and vulnerable as I felt God would allow me to be. BUT it has been so amazingly crazy that I’ve needed to kind of process my emotions and just get things taken care of. Anyway- it’s piling up- so I thought I’d better share as well as ask for your prayers. I’ve attached a section of an e-mail I sent to a good friend below. Read the rest of this entry »

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much better….

Well it was back to excercising this morning only this time it was minus the spinning eyes and trip to the bathroom. Instead I made it ALL the way through my Cardio class. Yay!!! Thanks for all your encouragement. Maybe there is hope for this girlie to get into shape!!

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outta shape!!!

While gearing up for summer I realized it was time again to find a new swimsuit.  That search I must say has been a depressing one.  After two babies NOTHING looked good!!  I mean just because the baby weight is gone does NOT mean everything is where it’s supposed to be.  UGH!!

Well instead of complaining about it forever I decided I’d try out the fitness center in our neighborhood.  They provide a free three day pass that includes childcare to check them out.  This morning was my first try–

I went to the cardio and abs class that’s taught by another youth pastor’s wife.  When I arrived I was a bit nervous.  Seriously, I’m not the most coordinated person in the world and I totally knew I’d be a spectacle. However, the first fifteen minutes went pretty well.  I was proud of myself, nothing too embarrassing happened.  What I did not expect was the sudden sensation of my eyes starting to spin after about 30 minutes of the workout.  I kept going…  Ten minutes later we got out the mats to do some ab stretches.  It was at the point I was to support someone else’s stretches “IT” hit!!!!!  Yes I had to RACE to the bathroom–  thankfully I hadn’t eaten much this morning so it wasn’t too violent. (sorry if that’s more graphic than you expected)

The verdict–  I may need to get more than a 3-day pass because I’m DEFINITELY OUT OF SHAPE!!!

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