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Retooning the Nativity

The Smithson family thinks to a different beat on a few things.  One being how the Christmas story is told.  Steven and myself love the traditions of the Nativity story but much of the story is just that– traditions that ADD too Scripture. We personally own three Nativity sets.  Steven loves to dote on the fact that they are ALL far from realistic.  I must admit we have gotten into a few light-hearted “arguments” over how we want the story told to our children.  Steven’s version– facts only.  Mine–  build the basics and then reveal the trivia later. I mean you don’t have to tell them Jesus wasn’t born in a stable when they are two!!!

Regardless, have you been able to do your research this year??  Do I have you totally bewildered by what I’m talking about??? Well here’s a little clip we loved so much we showed to the youth department this morning.  Igniter Media did a great job in capturing both truth and the real meaning of Christmas in this little diddy…  Enjoy!


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You Know You’re a Mom When…

You know you’re a mom when you look at having surgery as a vacation!!!   Sad huh!  Well just so you know the vacation ended this morning.  Monica must have crawled up in the bed with me because when I opened my eyes she was curled up behind me jabbering away.  She held up a diaper as though she wanted me to change her.  I was awake enough to realize Steven wasn’t in bed so of course as the good responsible mommy– NOT!— said go ask your daddy!  Apparently that would not suit her for she threw a fit and landed the diaper right in my face. I was glad she did for little did I know that when I rolled over I would find an already diaperless child with poo smeared ALL OVER my sheets! EWE! I’ll spare you the rest of the details and just let you know we got her cleaned up. Read the rest of this entry »

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Catching Up

Being away from the blog a few days has been a new experience. I find myself anxious to sit down and catch up and yet not exactly sure how to start.  I’m afraid I cannot accomplish a review of the week without being “listy.”  So instead trying to be creative and putting off catching up I’m just going to have to be “listy”. Here’s an embarrassingly long day by day of our 7 day trip.  I PROMISE to never write a post this lengthy again…. Read the rest of this entry »

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First Time for Everything

Our printer died a while back and we’ve been putting off getting one for awhile. Yesterday was the day. I, Stephanie, for the first time in my life scanned a picture on our new printer/copier/scanner. Yep that’s right I took my index finger and “pushed” the little button that says “scan”and…….. Voila a picture!!! I realize this is nothing to get excited about and that I’m very much behind the times. Regardless, it’s good to know I have capability of such things. Here are the wished for wedding pics from my anniversary post.

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Mushyness Ahead–

I’ve decided to try and conquer the neglected photos from the past 5 years. Organizing and filing memories from that many years is quite a job, but I know if I keep putting it off the pile is only going to grow bigger. I must confess my rummaging has brought back a TON of memories. Read the rest of this entry »

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5 Year Anniversary!

Soooooo I’ve been carrying around wedding pics to scan. I wanted to post them on the blog BUT I don’t think it’s going to happen. Sorry… We had a great day together! Here’s a couple of picks the baby sitter took before we left.

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Dream Come True

Okay so last night was the highlight of my week! We went to a great sixteenth b-day party down on the river. It was held at a location that has a 1939 ferris wheel and beautiful old carousel. The parents has rented the location so we could ride the rides over and again. SUCH a retro and gorgeous spot!!!

After our kidos had ridden everything several times, I looked at Steven and asked, “Would you make one of my life-long dreams come true?” It was so exciting that he knew EXACTLY what I was talking about without me telling him. YAY for him!!! So without further ado, the kids stayed with friends and we loaded up on the ferris wheel. Up! Up! Up!! Yep you guessed it– we kissed right on the very top!!! ooooo butterflies just thinking about it!

Actually it was very sweet BUT the “dream” was a bit distorted because we had kids from our youth group on both sides of us going, “Yuck Smitty!! Come One!! Please Oh Please none of that!!!” sigh… If it’s not Eli and Monica it’s the rest of our kids.

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