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Phone a Friend???

Phone-a-friend- that’s the bonus I took as a mom today….

It all started when I told one of my children it was nap time.  We got “Pony”, “Mr. Chubbs”, and blankie all snuggled up together with us.  I was going to lay down with them a moment when the demand came, “I want ‘Chicken’ and ‘Monkey'”. (Yes we do get very creative with our names around here!)  Well you must understand this child is not particular about “who” they sleep with. It changes daily.  Since “Chicken” and “Monkey” were not in sight I simply replied, “Not this time maybe tonight we’ll be able to find them.”

Well…… an escalating drama began!!! I did concede and give them “Chicken” and “Monkey” but then they didn’t want to lay down either….  a case of good old fashioned stubbornness was visiting!  During the 45 minute episode that ensued, I reached a point I had to call someone to help me hold on to the fight.  The conversation went something like this: Read the rest of this entry »


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Ditches and Mountains… They Happen. Part I

Sorry about the delay in posting.  We’ve been running quite a bit.  Monica has shown a pretty serious interest in potty training and we’ve begun the battle of weaning her from the passy. Needless to say it’s been pretty exciting around here without mentioning the x-tra’s going on in the rest of the family’s schedule.

Honesty will prevail today.  Along with busyness, I’ve also been mulling around in my heart a few life situations that tend to make me very sad.  Sometimes these things I’ve found can be quite difficult to yank yourself out of and just “move on.” I must say though, God promises to never leave us or forsake us no matter what we go through. If you can take just a few minutes I’d love to share with you how He showed up in my life this morning…

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Ditches and Mountains….. They Happen. Part II

We’ve been studying the life of Moses. This week found us in chapters 5 and 6. It’s at the point in Moses’ journey that he had first decided to be obedient.  He had gone to Pharaoh as God commanded. Instead of finding blessing he found both Pharaoh and the Israelite people turned on him. Things went from bad to WORSE—all because he was obedient.  Pretty serious stuff!!! I mean most people expect that when you are obedient to God great things are supposed to happen, right?!?!?  Not always… Read the rest of this entry »

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Eli’s Attempted Character Lesson

With all my heart I believe humility is extremely important.  We see it’s emphasis all throughout Scripture.  I look at my own life and am reminded at how much it’s lacking at the ground zero level of my heart.  I’m pretty sure that’s one of those Jesus traits that just won’t come to full fruition until I’m standing at His feet. Read the rest of this entry »

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I must say you don’t realize what a phone call, meal, or card can do for someone until you’re on the receiving end!! That’s right I had some minor surgery done this past week and got to be on that end….  I’m totally fine. I’m just taking it easy this weekend and hopefully back to normal very soon. But please keep reading, I do not write this for my attention.  I just want to say hats off to every girlfriend and christian woman that takes the time to love on those a bit under the weather.

While waiting in pre-op I had several phone calls, a visitor, some flowers, and some help from my great in-laws in taking care of my kidos. We’ve also had a precious lady organize a few meals for our family.  I feel sooooo incredibly spoiled and loved on!!!

What a gift to know God has surrounded us with a caring church family as well as just GREAT friends!  I see and hear of ladies serving others like this all the time. However, experiencing it personally has just left me dumbfounded on how being apart of the body of Christ is such a privelege!!

I’ve also been reminded to return the blessing of concern right around to the next person who needs a little TLC for whatever reason.  It TRULY makes all the difference in the world!!

Thanks to each of you that have touched me in such a big way this weekend. You have a standing ovation from this chica. I love you! May God’s blessing abound to you!

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Today I was given a good check point on keeping things confidential.  A godly lady reminded me that to some people a ‘secret is just something you tell to one person at a time and they really don’t grasp the true meaning of ‘secret’.’ Are you a person that can be considered a faithful secret keeper?  Are you someone that is trustworthy with intimate information of a friends burdens? When I’m not sure if something is confidential I always follow deep conversations with, “Do you mind if I share this with others?”  If the answer is ‘no’  I know I must keep it too myself.  I know my heart often hears heavy burdens of others. It sometimes feels I just can’t bear them alone BUT it’s good to know we can trust Jesus with those that seem to big to bear. The secrets we are entrusted with I’m learning are not things that we alawys know what to do with BUT they are given to us for a reason.  Sometimes that ‘reason’ is to learn how to seek God in new ways through prayer and His Word.

I was so grateful to hear the wise words italicized above this morning.  Maybe they can encourage you in the same way–

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The Spirit of the Tree

“Where does the spirit of the world tree originate?? In the gentle breezes that touch our inner self? in the passing and rising of the warm sun? Seriously where does the spirit of the tree come from that gives us the feeling of security and protection just from it’s presence and the knowing it has always “been”? There is no wrong answer just tell me how you feel?” Read the rest of this entry »

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