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She’s tired too…

Monica Grace had a bit of a rough night last night with fever, congestion, and such.  Soooooooo we stayed home from church this morning.  I found her like this just a few minutes ago-


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Day of Searching

As I mentioned earlier this week I’ve not been getting much sleep. However I guess I shouldn’t have said anything because it got worse.  My kids have had nasty coughs the past several days.  They’ve acted fine in the day but were not well at all after bedtime.  I didn’t get to sleep until 2:00 am one night with Eli, and the next night I was up until 12:30 am with Monica.  They were both up around 6:30 the next mornings.  Soooooo as a girl that requires sleep I’ve been one worn out mommy! Read the rest of this entry »

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More Eli Theology–

Eli LOVES to sleep in our room on his “spiderman” couch!!   Sleeping on his couch is an absolute luxury for the little guy because we don’t let him do it often. He comes up with every reason possible to do this.

Well last night we were out late after picking up some milk at Braum’s.  Eli knew bedtime was in his imminent future.  He piped up from the back, “Mom, Can I sleep on my spiderman couch in your room tonight?”  “No Eli, not tonight,” was my reply.  “But Mom, God is in my tummy and He said I should sleep on it tonight in your room.”

WHAT a MESS that boy is!!!

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Caffeine is my Friend

All day PJ ventures seem to be coming to a close now that Eli is going to school.  Yes I most definitely had those!!!  However, since Eli has started preschool he and Monica both seem to think that we have to get up early everyday, including Saturdays.   I’m talking between 6:00 and 6:30.  I know that’s not early to some of you, BUT they used to sleep in until 8:00!!!  This allowed me to either sleep in with them (which was needed when they were up in the night)  or get up before them and get things done before they were awake. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Spirit of the Tree

“Where does the spirit of the world tree originate?? In the gentle breezes that touch our inner self? in the passing and rising of the warm sun? Seriously where does the spirit of the tree come from that gives us the feeling of security and protection just from it’s presence and the knowing it has always “been”? There is no wrong answer just tell me how you feel?” Read the rest of this entry »

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First Time for Everything

Our printer died a while back and we’ve been putting off getting one for awhile. Yesterday was the day. I, Stephanie, for the first time in my life scanned a picture on our new printer/copier/scanner. Yep that’s right I took my index finger and “pushed” the little button that says “scan”and…….. Voila a picture!!! I realize this is nothing to get excited about and that I’m very much behind the times. Regardless, it’s good to know I have capability of such things. Here are the wished for wedding pics from my anniversary post.

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Ethnic Asian Fun

Through a series of experiences I was inspired to try some ethnic cooking. It has been a BLAST!!! Yesterday I went on a cultural venture to the Asian Market with Monica in tote . The layout of the store was definitely unique. Beyond the appearance of things, the biggest thrill was that Monica and I were the only Caucasians around– something you rarely experience in our part of the country!! I didn’t’ mind a bit. It was so great browsing around, looking for things that for the most part I didn’t even know how to pronounce. Read the rest of this entry »

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