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Children’s Camp Pics

There were a million “perfect” picture moments while we were at camp. Sadly I didn’t bring my camera. All of the pics below were shared by friends. My kids made their own ice cream, decorated¬† sesame street figure cupcakes, fished, jet skied, swam, wrestled with all of the counselors, fed turtles, danced to the worship music, and loved hanging out with all the kids. Uncle Stu (who is a kids pastor) and Aunt Sarah were there as well which made it x-tra special to share in the week. It was an awesome camp of which I felt so privileged to take part of. I didn’t get the final count but I know MANY children came to know the Lord between the two churches that attended. One fifth grader from our church told his mom, “I ‘revitalized’ my life tonight!” How precious to see children excited about Jesus!


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Recovery Week

My posts have been a bit sporadic lately. WHY?? Because I must confess I’ve been stretched to the limit this summer. I’m sure it’s probably only the beginning stages of motherhood but for me all of our interesting “incidents” had completely worn me out. I’m just a rookie I guess.

I didn’t tell you before, BUT Read the rest of this entry »

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We’re Back…

I’ll hold you in suspense until tomorrow before I share where we have been–

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“Is God in my closet?”

We are soooooo happy around here that Daddy is home!! God has done some great things while Steven has been away this summer. We do rejoice that in an indirect way we have been able to be apart of the Kingdom work just by staying on the home front; BUT right now we are MORE than thrilled that Steven is home to stay for a little while. Last night Eli loved having his daddy put him to bed and I must say, according to Steven they got into some pretty deep conversations: Read the rest of this entry »

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new sensations…

The last 24 hours have been full of new sensations. For Eli the sensations have included the following:

1. The sensation of having a nose piece from his sunglasses lodged up inside of his nose.

2. The sensation of two mommies, two office visits, two doctors, four nurses, one anesthesiologists, one outpatient surgery visit, a surprise visit from daddy, one blue snow cone, seven superhero sticker bribes, and eight hours of focused involvement in the removal of the said nose piece.

3. The sensation of hearing several lectures of how we don’t ever stick things up our noses… AGAIN!!! have also been experienced by the little guy.

My sensations have been new and unusual as well. All of the above started on our way back from our visit with Steven. My sensations are as follows: Read the rest of this entry »

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Last leg of summer…

things have been a bit “hum-drum” since my last post. “Hum-drum” isn’t a complaint just our status of life– actually I’m so glad it’s that way and not the craziness we’ve been in. Our “norm” has consisted of moving back in our home, DEEP cleaning, having a yard sale, putting up corn, and seeing Steven off for his last six days of summer camps with the youth. I am so very ready to get him back home for good!!

Today is my birthday (27 years old) and to celebrate I think we are going to drive up to where Steven and the youth are– hoping that will be fun.

On a side note please be in prayer for our church members that are leaving for India tomorrow. There are several mommies that are leaving their little ones in order to serve. My heart goes out and prayers up for them and their families while they are separated.

Okay well that’s about it. A few pics of our past week-

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Wooooooooooo Hooooooooooooo! We are now living in our house as normal people. I have learned through this project that I could NEVER build my house and live in it at the same time. I was almost giddy last night as we were moving our furniture back into the house. I kept telling Steven, “I’m just soooooo excited!” Read the rest of this entry »

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