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Dream Come True

Okay so last night was the highlight of my week! We went to a great sixteenth b-day party down on the river. It was held at a location that has a 1939 ferris wheel and beautiful old carousel. The parents has rented the location so we could ride the rides over and again. SUCH a retro and gorgeous spot!!!

After our kidos had ridden everything several times, I looked at Steven and asked, “Would you make one of my life-long dreams come true?” It was so exciting that he knew EXACTLY what I was talking about without me telling him. YAY for him!!! So without further ado, the kids stayed with friends and we loaded up on the ferris wheel. Up! Up! Up!! Yep you guessed it– we kissed right on the very top!!! ooooo butterflies just thinking about it!

Actually it was very sweet BUT the “dream” was a bit distorted because we had kids from our youth group on both sides of us going, “Yuck Smitty!! Come One!! Please Oh Please none of that!!!” sigh… If it’s not Eli and Monica it’s the rest of our kids.


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Home Now

So we’re home. It’s not quite as I wanted to be, but I have accomplished alot this week. The two days our floors were supposed to be going in and I had child helpers lined up I painted Monica’s room, repainted the trim in the majority of the house, and refinished 4 pieces of furniture. We’ve survived a week of “Camp Smithson” and my children are not cranky or out of sorts. We’ve played with friends and gone swimming several times. I think they’ve had a blast!! I’m exhausted and feel a little bit as though I’ve lived in a comedy movie this week that might have been called… hmmmmmmmmm…… I don’t know, but something crazy!!!

Anyway, the local carpet company has been so gracious and kind. They came to move furniture back and even brought us a carpet square to let the kids crawl around on until they come back to put the floors down next week.

I wish I had some incredibly inspiring truth that I have learned from the past month but as of right now I’ve got nothing. Just one tired Mommy….

Looking forward to seeing Daddy tonight!

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Day 5

This will be short… It will be five days tomorrow that we have been out of our house. We ARE moving back in, however we still don’t have our floors down. =( Our product came in defective. Hopefully they are going to get them down next Thursday. The floor people said this has never happened before, imagine that!!! Well if it’s going to happen it will happen to the Smithson’s. I ordered a salad the other night. When I went to open my plasticware there’s was only a knife and a spoon!!! Out of all of the packages that could’ve been grabbed… Anyway I very much enjoyed the salad I ate with a spoon.

We got home tonight to check on a few things and our hermit crab has run away…

I must say our spirits our up when we are able to stay rested so please pray we can keep getting good sleep. Steven’s coming home tomorrow… very good!

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Current Status

the night before our remodel begins…

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The B-I-B-L-E

Remember the great children’s Sunday School Classic “The B-I-B-L-E”? Well it’s Eli’s favorite song this week. Only he sings it with a new twist. His version is sung at the top of his lungs like this, “The B-I-B- ALI”. hmmmmm interesting cultural crossover…

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Good Sleep!

Oh what bliss– I got to sleep until 9:00 this morning!!!! I don’t remember the last time that happened. The extra sleep was definitely appreciated and needed. We’ve got a big week coming up. Steven leaves Monday morning and our renovations start then.

Thanks to my sister-n-law and friends the week has definitely taken shape and seems to be doable now. In a way my kids are going to camp too. We’re calling it “Camp Smithson.”  The kids will leave Sunday night and won’t return until late Wednesday afternoon do to all of the saws the construction workers will have laying around. The kids will spend one night across the river with family. Late the next afternoon I’ll venture back to pick them up and then we plan on spending the other two nights in our friends home (they are gone to youth camp with Steven). Tuesday they will be staying all day at another friends house. I’ve got a a list to accomplish while the kids are away and another list of fun things to do while we are together in the evenings. I cannot imagine what life is like for those without family and friends that come to their aid in time of need. Steven and I are truly blessed. With all sincerity let me say… God is Good!!!

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Stoby’s Chicken Salad

I don’t know about you but I will ALWAYS choose a hometown restaurant over a chain anytime!! One of my favorite sandwich places back home is Stoby’s. They are famous for their cheese dip and train car dining! – yep old fashioned train car remodeled into a restaurant! There are now two of them. One is in Conway and one in Russellville. If you’re ever nearby you otta stop in. You won’t be disappointed- I garuntee!!

It’s been perfect summertime sandwich weather lately and I thought you might like to try out one of my favorite Stoby’s recipe.

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