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Nothing of interest today. However maybe this will give you a laugh–

yesterday I mistook our pump antibacterial soap for our pump toothpaste. Took me back about 20 years to the wonderful days of Dawn dish soap and mouth washings. YUCK!!!!!!

yep that’s about it!


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Baby Hope-

To be honest with you, my mind is a bit cluttered today. I’ve got some things I’m trying not to worry about. The biggest is Steven’s upcoming absence. He’ll be leaving this Friday for four days. If you read my post several weeks ago you know I don’t handle that well especially when I have things on my mind. “Be anxious for nothing!!”

However, today I got to meet the most beautiful baby girl born yesterday!! Miss Hope Caroline Yorgey was born to our dear friends yesterday at St. Edwards. The innocence and beauty of her tiny fingers and dark curly hair was just almost too much. Aren’t babies amazing!?!?! Little canvases completely blank from our perspective and yet the Lord knows each experience and step they will make their entire life ahead of them. (Jeremiah 29:11) Miss Hope is beautiful along with her momma and big sister Anna-Kate!! Travis on the other hand……. wink!! Congrats guys. We love you and are so happy for you!

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little sayings I heard today

“Rosco, you need to go talk with God and Jesus!”, Eli says to our family dog. Overhearing the conversation I interrupted and inquired where God and Jesus were. Eli responded, “God is in Monica’s room and Jesus is in mine…”

Later today while we were at the dermatologist office, the nurse walked in and said, “well don’t we have some cute kido’s in here!” Eli chimed in his two cents, “I’m Eli and I’m cool. This is Monica and she’s pretty.” I shook my head and tried to convince the nurse my children were not coached in such things. Ohhh the things to come……

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Red Box

NEAT-O finding of the day!! In your area you may have found these odd little Red Boxes around town from which you can check out movies for only $1. It includes new releases and everything!! It’s the greatest thing ever if you’re into movie watching. However, before we went to check out a movie today I wanted to see if I could look at what they had online first.

I ran across this website and found a wonderful trick that WORKS!!! Click on the link below and scroll down a bit. You’ll find a listing of free codes too which now you can rent movies for FREE… yes we tried it. Watched Martian Child with John Cusack for free tonight- which is pretty cool considering it’s over $4.00 to rent it from the movie store. I recommend signing up for the e-mail updates and codes to be sent to your account. Very AMAZING!! If you know me at all, you know I get excited about a good deal and ALWAYS love to share. Let me know if you try it!

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been away a few days….

Sorry, I left you without warning… =)

Thursday morning our family picked up and headed off to Tulsa, Oklahoma for a few days to get away before summer youth ministry craziness is in full swing. We didn’t go very, far but we had a great time!! While we were gone we shopped, ate way too much, went “zooing”, watched Prince Caspian (it was definitely as good as the first Narnia), and just hung out at the “hill-tell” pool, as Eli called it.

We tried two GREAT restaurants that have been recommended to us for a long time.

1. Ted’s Mexican restaurant

2. P.F. Changs

Both restaurants were everything others had cracked them up to be. Thankfully our kids liked them too! Thanks to ALL of you have talked of Changs– yes the Mongolian Beef and Chang’s Chicken were fabulously Yum-MYYYY!!!

One thing of interest was that the very nice lady voice in Steven’s GPS and I did not hit it off very well. Read the rest of this entry »

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what a day—

Today was good! It was the last day of Bible Study Fellowship and the first time I got to experience the after study fellowship. I’m soooooooo glad I didn’t know what I was missing because it would have just made me sick all year when I wasn’t able to go. It is amazing to me how God can knit together a group of people that truly have no common ground except Jesus and give them a love and gratitude for each other. AMAZING! I really encourage those of you who have the opportunity to check out your area and see if they have a program. We have ladies that come to our group that drive over an hour one way to get there !!! soooooo you know it’s good stuff– if you aren’t sure what it is I’d love to answer your questions….

Anyway, I also got to hear a bit more about my brother Heath. Read the rest of this entry »

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Hard Work

I was reading a post by Beth Moore today and loved this statement she made.

“Gift without grit is just a pure waste.”

GREAT reminder to use what God’s given us, work really hard, and when it seems things just aren’t gonna happen work even harder!!!

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