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I had a conversation the other day in which some odds facts about me came up. The laughter that ensued made me think some of my stories would bless you with smiles. This is a little weird to just write about me, BUT you will at least have some ammo to use after you’re finished reading.

“Biggest” doesn’t really work grammatically with all of these but ya know- whatever!?!? Read the rest of this entry »


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Party Anyone?

It’s 9:00 pm on Wednesday evening. Our carpets are getting re stretched in the morning and I had planned on shampooing them tomorrow afternoon myself.

However…. I JUST found out that the entire youth group is invited to our house tomorrow night!!! Steven and I had talked about starting an “Office” party and have kind of an open house every Thursday when it comes on. Mind you we had talked about it. I thought it was starting next fall or something… Nope guess not- it was announced Sunday in class and then tonight at the youth service! (I must have stepped out during announcements). I got the memo at 9:00 tonight. YAY!!!

I’m rejoicing that I found out today I guess, and not tomorrow afternoon. So hey– if any of you are up for hot dogs and some hard core watching of “The Office” come on over! We’ll have a crowd and it’ll be good to see you- my carpets will at least be clean. =)

My husband is the greatest!! (sarcastic smile inserted)… My husband IS the GREATEST!! (all sincerity added too) He loves people like I do so it makes it all good!

Hope to see you tomorrow!

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~not much happening~

Nothing terribly exciting around here. Just cleaning and more cleaning and still a messy house.

~However, yesterday I did find my cell phone laying in the grass in the back yard. It had started to draw condensation, so I’m fairly certain it had been dropped there by a little girl hours before…

~Steven and I made a couple of visits last night after supper. As we were driving around, Eli let out a big sigh from the back seat and proclaimed, “Mom, my underwear are KILLING me!” — We got the giggles from that comment!! It was definitely not what we were expecting from our 3 year old.

~Rosco (the family dog)- who I haven’t mentioned in awhile also caused a bit of trouble. Eli left his shoes in the backyard and I guess Rosco thought is was time for a good chew, because he chewed them to pieces!!

So like I said nothing much happening~ Just a normal day with my kidos!

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Okay so I’ve been thinking on the names of God I posted yesterday. Steven and I were talking about it and he reminded me of something I learned years ago. It may be old news to you, but I had forgotten to be reading like this so I didn’t think it was a bad idea to post it.

Have you ever noticed that in Scripture the word “Lord” is written two different ways? You will find it like this “LORD”- all caps- and “Lord”- lower case letters-. Go ahead- check it out!

The first one is the proper name of God- it is the English word for Yaweh. The second one is actually the noun for Master or teacher.

So it’s like this- as Stephanie L. Smithson is to me, LORD is to God. It’s His name above all names. In other words it’s the name on His “birth certificate” (that is if He had one and hadn’t existed forever with no beginning or end=).

The second one is as girl is to me, Lord is to God. It’s what He is. He is the master and teacher but it’s not his personal name.

The excerpt below is the first three verses of Psalm 100 – try reading it knowing that it is God’s personal name that is used. See if it makes a difference to you.

1 Make a joyful shout to the LORD (yawheh) , all you lands!
2 Serve the LORD (yahweh) with gladness;
Come before His presence with singing.
3 Know that the LORD (Yawheh –not mu hammed, Buddha, Joseph Smith ect.), He is God;

I LOVE that– I’m on a first name basis with Yaweh in every passage that “LORD” is used. Very humbling! What a great reason to lift my hands in worship!

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It happened…

The dreaded moment came and went today. I’m still alive and well so I guess it wasn’t sooooo terrible.

The nursery workers stopped me as we were leaving Eli’s class. They politely stated that they needed to ask me about something Eli kept saying. “He kept repeating it over and over again,” they said. “OH DEAR!!!”, I thought. They continued, “Bow chicka wow wow is his endearing phrase. Does he know what that means?”

… sigh… yet another thing he learned from the youth department! Actually Eli overheard a youth WORKER (who I will graciously allow to remain nameless) say it, not a student.  Thankfully I’m told that the new Alvin and the Chipmunks movie has a song or something that says that, so for uninformed bystanders we are hoping they will just think that he learned it from them. I was so grateful that the nursery workers thought it strange but humorous, at least todays workers did. I don’t know what next weeks will think…

Eli, mommy, and daddy will be having a talk.

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God and who He is–

We had a powerful service today at church. The choir special was a song called “Lord You’re Holy.” Pretty much it’s the names of God put to music- people were standing before we ever made it to the middle of the song!!! I can reflect upon so many different seasons of my life and remember different names of God that I called on. Each and every one of us is in a different season and wonder which name might mean the most to you right now. (The writing at the side of the page is the Hebrew lettering for Yaweh.)

I thought this list of God’s names was extensive so attached it here: Read the rest of this entry »

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polka dot ouchies

Eli took off his sandal while we were traveling today due to a “polka dot” that was bugging him. It took me a minute to figure that one out… Turns out one of his sandals was rubbing him wrong. We covered the irritated place and that took care of his “polka dot.” Yay for spider man bandaids!

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