I don’t know if it was the computer sabbatical we went through or just the quiet time but for some reason  I just can’t get back into blogging right now.  I’ve attempted several times but unless the Lord leads my heart differently I think I’m finished blogging for a long while.  Don’t worry though I will continue to keep records of my kids antics!! Who knows might get them all published someday–  we definitely have some crazy adventures around here!!!


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Still Out of Comission

Friends….  thanks so much for checking up on me!!  We’ve been experiencing one of the “when it rains it pours” seasons.  I have a list of things that have had to have repairs or are still broken. It’s all right though, because it seems we see God’s hand in very special ways during these times.  

Our computer did make it back a few days ago, however I’ve learned it’s quite a task to reinstall everything. Sadly we’re are still experiencing a few problems with our internet connection.  We may need to send our computer out again.  So it will be awhile before I’m back.  Hope to get back to normal soon!  Love YOU!

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My Mac Crashed!!!

Just letting you guys know… we came home from Christmas festivities and my computer crashed. (I’m on Steven’s at the moment.) We’re not worried about the computer, our warranty is GREAT!  However I am a bit frazzled at the thought of losing our holiday pics  and all my itunes music I hadn’t backed up =(.  Anyway we’ll be shipping our computer out Tuesday from the closest Genius Bar (apple users know what I’m talking about). I’ll be off the blog until it gets back probably in two to three weeks. Blessings to you!!!  I know I’ll miss reading about your lives as well as sharing mine.  Take Care!

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Merry Christmas from Us!!!!

familypicforchristmasWe love you!!!  Thank you so much for sharing the past year with us on the blog!!!  Looking forward to doing the same in 2009!

Merry Christmas to you an yours.

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Retooning the Nativity

The Smithson family thinks to a different beat on a few things.  One being how the Christmas story is told.  Steven and myself love the traditions of the Nativity story but much of the story is just that– traditions that ADD too Scripture. We personally own three Nativity sets.  Steven loves to dote on the fact that they are ALL far from realistic.  I must admit we have gotten into a few light-hearted “arguments” over how we want the story told to our children.  Steven’s version– facts only.  Mine–  build the basics and then reveal the trivia later. I mean you don’t have to tell them Jesus wasn’t born in a stable when they are two!!!

Regardless, have you been able to do your research this year??  Do I have you totally bewildered by what I’m talking about??? Well here’s a little clip we loved so much we showed to the youth department this morning.  Igniter Media did a great job in capturing both truth and the real meaning of Christmas in this little diddy…  Enjoy!

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What Happens When Children Help WRAP!



A bit of a distraction don’t you think… We’ll just leave it at that!

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P’s and F’s

So for all of you educational professionals and  speech pathologists….  is it normal for kids to mix up their p’s and f’s?  I’ve heard of s’s, r’s, l’s and more but the p’s and f’s are a new one for me.

Here’s how the conversation went:

Monica:  I go to bafroom on big fotty mommy

Me:  You sure are!  Good Girl.

Monica:  We have little fotty at home… it’s fink.

Me: Yes you’re right.

Monica:  I pinished Mommy!

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